Department of Nutrition and Food Engineering

This Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Engineering program aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to make them attractive on the labor market not only in both government service and industry but also as self employment. The program is designed with local as well as foreign students in mind. The goal is to produce undergraduates who can work at an advanced level thanks to advanced theoretical studies given in a practical engineering context. The program of study aims to meet the needs of undergraduate food engineers who will work as professionals in government and industry and also gives eligibility to studies at the doctoral level. He/she should also be capable to start his own venture.

The Academic program offers:

  • In-depth knowledge in an area of specialization in engineering or the health sciences
  • The ability to plan, execute and evaluate experiments in both the laboratory and on a large scale
  • The ability to use theoretical models to describe physical, biological and chemical processes

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